Investigaciones "LGTBfobia en las aulas 2015" y "Ciberacoso 2015"
Aquí podrás encontrar toda la información referente a los estudios llevados a cabo por el grupo durante el periodo 2014-2016 ("LGBTfobia en las aulas 2015" y "Ciberacoso 2015"), así como un buen número de recursos.
Thursday, April 27, 2017


The Education Committee works toward the day when teaching respect for sexual diversity will be an integral part of the Educational System. By challenging homophobia before it has a chance to grow, we hope to help eradicate the anti-gay attitudes still prevalent in our society.

Target Areas

Educating the Educators

We work to educate teachers, guidance counselors, education specialists, teacher's aides, and others. We provide them with resources to help them integrate sexual-diversity issues into their daily work.

Educating Students and Supporting LGTB Youth

Adolescents need accurate, prejudice-free education about sexual and affectional diversity. Such diversity is not only an everyday fact of life, but is also protected and recognized under the law. In addition to information, it is also important for them to have access to positive gay and transgender role models.

Working with Parents and Family Members

Obviously, education takes place outside the classroom as well. That is why we need to help families accept the possibility that one of their members might be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.


in high schools. We visit classrooms to discuss various aspects of LGTB life with the students.

Sexual diversity workshops
for educators. Adapted to the needs of the requesting organization, with numerous games and group activities that debunk the idea that there is just one acceptable form of sexuality.

Support for research.
We cooperate with researchers, universities, and students on projects related to homophobia

Lectures, panels
, attendance at conferences, debates, or any field of endeavor related to the field of education.

Political activism
to truly integrate sexual diversity into the Educational System.

C reation of educational materials on Homosexuality and Transgenderism for educators who want to cover the subject. (See Documents section).

Would You Like to Volunteer with This Committee?

You don't have to be a teaching professional. We need volunteers to give talks in various locations (usually in the morning). We'll provide you with training. We also need people interested in other types of tasks: writing reports, doing research, web design, development of audiovisual materials, etc. If you are interested, get in touch with us through the Gay & Lesbian Help Line (Gay Inform/Línea Lesbos) at 91-5230070, or by attending our meetings.

Teachers' Group

The main purpose of the LGTB Teachers' Group is to describe, prevent, and respond to homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools. The group also works to promote the visibility of LGTB teachers, education specialists, and guidance counselors. The work group includes people involved in every level of education (preschool, elementary and secondary schools, and universities), as well as non-regulated forms of education.

Contact us:

Are You a Minor in Need of Support?

Assistance to Minors and Their Families.

If you are a minor and need help of any kind (psychological counseling, evaluation or advice), you can turn to our Psychosocial Assistance Office. COGAM offers this targeted support service for young people and their families, run by specialized professionals who can help you. It is absolutely free.

For more information: Gay & Lesbian Help Line (Gay-Inform / Línea Lesbos), 91-523 00 70.

Teenagers in Conflict.

Are you having a rough time because you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender? If you have been attacked for that reason — subjected to taunts or harassment by your classmates, family or teachers — you can turn to us. However, always bear in mind that the Greater Madrid Child Welfare Office (Defensor del Menor) operates a hotline you can call to report harassment and get help or advice. Always 100% confidential. 91 563 44 11.

For contact with us:

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