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We are a group of migrants from various countries. No matter where on earth, we are here to support you and to know your rights in Spain.  We can give you guidance about your sexuality and gender identity, accompanying you to know your sexual orientation and identity. 

For us it is very important to our dignity as LGBT. Therefore we condemn all forms of LGBT-phobia. You do not have to stay silent about any aggression, discrimination or abuse. We can support you. Do not be silent.


We provide information about resources for legal, psychological, employment counseling, Spanish courses, culture, etc. We also report on the situation of LGBT rights in different countries. If you are in an irregular situation, we can inform you about organizations that can advise you. In some cases we can support you to seek asylum in Spain if you have suffered torture or violence in your home country for your sexual orientation or gender identity.

We also carry leisure activities to explore the city, organize trips, or go to the cinema. We always try that activities are free or very low cost.

Contact us

We meet every first and third Saturday of each month from 18:00 to 20:00 in COGAM. We are in the street Puebla, No. 9, Gran Vía and Callao Metro.

Phone: 91 5230070

You can write to migrantes@cogam.es



Gay-Inform / Línea Lesbos

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