STOP Homo-Transphobia

SOS Homofobia for LGTB people

We provide our service to gay and bisexual men, who have become victims of violence. This for example can also be homophobic or domestic violence, any kind of discrimination, slander or libel. Victims' relatives and witnesses are often exposed to a heavy burden- that's why they can contact us as well.


  • SOS Homofobia Line (There for you) 
Whenever you need counseling or you want to report an act of violence or a case of discrimination, just give us a call. You can talk to us every day between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. Out of office hours you can leave your message on the answering machine. We will then contact you within 24 hours.           
After having taken the first step, we can provide you with futher personal consultation as well - if you wish.
SOS Homofobia Line   915 230 070
  • Consultation (Confidentiality is to the fore) 
Our staff can be reached every day between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. in COGAM (c/Puebla 9). If you wish, we can arrange an appointment in advance over the phone. Appointments can also be arranged out of our consulting times. To receive advice and help by our organisation, a report to the police in advance is not necessary. Together we find solutions in further consultations.         
We want to support you to take decisions selfconfidently, orientated towards your wishes and needs. The pace is on you. If you want, we offer you information and support. E.g. for appointments with the police, finding a lawyer, clarifying issues related to insurance and claims for providing.
  • Assistance (You are not alone) 
If you wish, we can accompany you to the police or to court. Dealing with these institutions is not everyone's daily routine. That's why going there can cause great emotional strain and distress, especially when someone has to sit face to face with the offender at court.           
In such cases our staff is by your side. They can explain the course of the court proceedings to you and let you have more conficence by their presence.
  • Referral (Appropriate information for everyone) 
We have been in touch with important people, e.g. doctors, lawyers, psychologists, or police department. We know their assistance very well and thus can guide you to further specific institutions.            
We help you to reach what can be offered as soon as possible and we stand by your side when you have to deal with unavoidable formalities.
  • Reporting (Recording acts of violence) 
Please report us every kind of discrimination or violence towards gay men you know by experience
or you heard about. Beside the aspect of an as far as possible complete documentation, this realization helps us for the prevention of violence. Thus we can realize e.g. the places, where more crimes can be recorded. Quite often, habitual offenders are investigated who are responsible for many crimes but can hardly be apprehended, because nobody reports the crime to the police. The more there is evidence, the higher is the probability for succesful investigation. All leads provided by the public will of course be dealt confidential and can be treated anonymously.
Report a case of violence online
  • Mediation (Compensation reached out of court) 

If the offender's penalty by court is not given priority to, it is possible to arrange a Victim-Offender-Mediation. In this process the offender's prime concern is that he has to give his crime serious thought.            
He must declare himself willing to excuse and appropriate compensation. We prepare you for such a meeting.

Philosophy (Professional help)

Through our experience and skills, we offer help and support fast and professionally. We take every problem seriously. We find an individual solution for everyone who turns to us for help, and of course, every problem is handled confidentially.
At COGAM we do not patronize or blame anyone. Our staff consists of only experienced gay or bisexual men. Helping gays affected through acts of violence or discrimination is an issue that lies close to our hearts, and it is our duty to offer help, support and reassurance to our sexual orientation.

Prevention (Recognizing the causes of violence and preventative measures)

Every year we are aware of a high number of violent acts against gay people. That is why a large part of our work is dedicated to recognizing the causes of violence and how to prevent it. Through our work with the public, we pass on our tips and advice at events or in the printed media.
We want to draw attention to the continuing violence and discrimination against homosexual people as well as to certain aspects of violence directed at gays. We regularly publish advice on how to avoid gay discrimination and violence, and we offer on site support at gay hotspots.

Documentation (Recording violent acts and Public relations work)

We record gay-orientated violence and discrimination in Madrid and the resto of Spain. By doing this it helps us improve and develop our experience in dealing with violence against homosexual people.
Through our work we want to make the public aware of the seriousness of the problem of violence against gays. We hope that in the future we will receive more recognition and, above all, support for our work.

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